Ikebana as living art

Modeling, Observing, then Doing.....

To learn ikebana well, persistence and consistency are important in learning ways of putting materials together to replicate nature inside or outside the home.  The learning session typically starts with the sensei showing how to use certain materials during a live demonstration while the deshi/s watch/es.  Then the deshi replicates the process as best as possible.  Critique by the sensei immediately afterwards is critical to learning, and the deshi listens and observes any corrections taking note of how a design may look totally different sometimes with just a minor change of the flower angle or its placement in the container. In the image above, Ric Bansho -sensei  shows how the distinct placement of a driftwood can alter the feeling exuded by the design.  

Click on link to see iemoto demonstrate how to arrange flowers three different ikebana designs: 

Learn More

Lessons are available anywhere in the world through the use of technology.  Lessons after an Ikebana International Chapter meeting in St. Petersburg is available as requested.  See information of individual Banmi Shofu sensei  on the sensei page, and contact them directly, or by sending an e-mail to: