Greg Banshakuyaku Alderson

Greg Banshakuyaku Alderson, Nisei no Nara に 詳 の 楢 2nd Level, 3rd Grade Instructor

  • Started Ikebana as deshi of Bessie Banmi Fooks-sensei in 1997
  • Continues to learn from Ric Bansho Carrasco-sensei in 2005
  • Exhibited in regional and chapter Ikebana International conventions
    • Asian Regional Conference in Manila Philippines,
    • St. Petersburg Chapter No. 65, and
    • Orlando Winter Park Chapter No. 132
  • Art in Bloom, St. Petersburg Museum of Modern Art, since 2010
  • Annual Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival demonstrations
  • Avid Quilter
  • Bonsai Enthusiast
  • Kumihimo Hobbyist
  • Achieved Banmi Shofu Ryu Instructor Certificate as:
    • Sansei no Nara, 賛 成 の 楢,  Level 3, 3rd Grade , 2010
    • Nisei no Nara,  に 詳 の 楢, Level 2, 3rd Grade, 2012
  • Registered Nurse and Billing Coordinator for skilled nursing facilities in Tampa Bay, FL