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The vision handed down by Bessie Banmi Fooks, & shared by Ric Bansho Carrasco sees Banmi Shofu Ryu as an ikebana school with a distinct kado (way of the flowers) that is practiced, taught, & exhibited to promote competence, tranquility, enlightenment & friendships through flowers & driftwood, recognized across the globe, always guided by kaden from the founding Samurai.  


Moon * Flowers * Driftwood * Happiness * Shodo

Moon, driftwood & happiness kanji with Banmi's hanko or signature stamp interpreted by Kevin Banes from Waialua, HI.  For a period of time prior to her passing, Bessie Banmi gifted each family member, including Ric Bansho with a copy of this Banmi Shofu artifact.  The moon is symbolic of Banmi and the happiness kanji communicates the late iemoto's ikebana and life attitude of happiness and positivism. The illustration at the bottom created in neutral colors features the hallmark complex moribana design by Bessie Banmi Fooks, 1st Generation iemoto of Banmi Shofu Ryu of Ikebana.   


Kamon of Banmi Shofu Ryu


Mon (紋), monshō (紋章), or mondokoro (紋所), and in Banmi Shofu parlance, kamon (家紋), are symbols similar to an emblem or a coat of arms that are used in Japan to decorate and identify a person, a family, or an organization, institution or business entity; in this case, an ikebana school. The Banmi Shofu Ryu kamon  includes the symbolic moon and the official flower of the school, the moonflower.  The kamon was created based on old manuscript instructions passed on by 2nd Generation Iemoto  Ricardo Bansho Carrasco to Monique Banrenke Noujaim, who created the first draft. It was later refined by Jesus Bantake Minguez for final iemoto approval and utilization in appropriate materials and applications.


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We teach ikebana classes face-to-face or with proper technology and computer skill & Internet connection, through distance classes.  We will do demonstrations of flower arranging to individuals or groups in small or large venues.  See us in  https://www.facebook.com/ikebana.ryu and in   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banmi_Sh%C5%8Df%C5%AB-ry%C5%AB 

Banmi Shofu Ryu of Ikebana