Laurel Banbara Fooks


Laurel Banbara Fooks, Nisei no Nara, に 詳 の 楢, 2nd Level, 3rd Grade Instructor

  • Ikebana lessons  as  a  child  in Japan from Bansui Ohta, iemoto, Shofu Ryu
  • Kado competence and artistry in:  
    • Ichiyo ikebana with Jeanne Houlton sensei
    • Sogetsu ikebana with Faye Conti-sensei & Monique Noujaim sensei
    • Banmi Shofu ikebana with her mother, Bessie Banmi-sensei, and Ric Bansho-sensei
  • Exhibited for Ikebana International:
    • St. Petersburg Chapter No. 65, and
    • Orlando Winter Park Chapter No. 132
  • Achieved Banmi Shofu Ryu Instructor Certificate as:
    • Sansei no Nara, 賛 成 の 楢, Level 3, 3rd Grade, 2010
    • Nisei no Nara, に 詳 の 楢, Level 2, 3rd Grade, 2012
  • Art in Bloom, St. Petersburg Museum of Modern Art, since 2010
  • Annual International Epcot Flower & Garden Festival
  •  Designs in Community located at: 
    • Burg Automotive, St. Petersburg, FL,,
    • Veterinary Healing Arts, St. Pete Beach, FL,
    • and Waialua City Library, Waialua, HI
  • Lessons available by appointment,
  • Former Regional Coach for Kentucky Fried Chicken