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Banmi Shofu is sailing many horizons


After  celebrating 50 years since the day that Bessie Banmi  Fooks took her first Ikenobo steps in Japan, Banmi Shofu has navigated various Ikebana waters.  These are critical milestones which directed the school from ikenobo beginnings to the Shofu kaden of the founding Samurai, eventually leading to the hallmark use of driftwood in Banmi Shofu Ryu.  Some of these milestones include this website and our presence in North America and Asia Pacific regions.  During the Summer of 2014, Banmi Shofu Ryu will exhibit and demonstrate at Art Laksy in Tokyo and will have an audience  at the world headquarters of Ikebana International.  Some notable events include: 

*Yokohama World Federation of Occupational Therapists - research paper called, "Flowers as Occupation:  Narrative Inquiry into the Experiences of Ikebana Sensei

 *Tokyo Art Laksy & Nova Southeastern University Joint Venture - Exhibition & Demonstration

*Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival - Demonstratioins

*Ikebana Chapters 1, 65 & 132 Programs

North American & Asian Regional Ikebana International Conferences

*Art in Bloom Exhibitions at St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts

For more information: call 407-797-7337; or e-mail: 



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