Banmi Shofu Ryu of Ikebana 

Banmi Festival 2009

Shoshin Studios Hosts Banmi Shofu Memorial Festival
(See Photo Album in the Block Below)

        With sunbeams piercing through live oak tree branches of Shoshin Studios, Banmi Shofu deshi and friends gathered around a raised platform lined with grass mats.  A narrow table defined the edge of the space, serving as a stage for introducing 3 expressions of new designs created to define the bridge between centuries old kado tradition (way of the flower) with contemporary ikebana. 

         Jesus Bantake Minguez received his Level 4, 3rd Grade Instructor Certificate;Laurel Banbara Fooks received her In-Waiting Instructor Certificate; and MoniqueNoujaim received her recognition for being the Consultant for Things Japanese.Four workshops followed the demonstration.  Monique Noujaim guided participants in cutting bamboo using a miter saw, and creating New Year designs.  Jesus Bantake Minguez revisited a design that Banmi Bessie Fooks taught in 2007, a holiday creation on a cedar plank.  Laurel Banbara Fooks led others participants in creating simple door hangers using grasses and flowers.  Greg Alderson taught making wreaths with knotted vintage rope, pine and chrysanthemum.

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